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COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

Pre-register with us to get your employees and their families vaccinated against COVID-19 at the earliest

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Vaccine

Has the government given authorization to carry out these types of vaccination drive?

The Central Government is controlling the roll out of vaccine distribution in India. As and when the Government opens private distribution of vaccines to general public, WONDRx will be able to conduct the vaccine drive for corporates.

Which vaccine manufacturers are associated with this vaccination drive?

All major vaccine manufacturers that are offering vaccines in India have been partnered with for the drive. However, the roll out of the drive is subject to opening of private distribution of vaccines by the Government for general public.

What is the vaccine efficacy of each of the vaccines provided by the manufacturers?

This is public data and it would be recommended to refer the official sites of vaccine manufacturers as data gets updated periodically.

Are there any side effects post vaccine administrations? If yes, can you list them?

This is public data and it would be recommended to refer the official sites of vaccine manufacturers as data gets updated periodically.

What is the total no. of doses to be taken?

Vaccines of all major vaccine players require administration of 2 doses.

Within how many days the 2 doses need to be administered?

2 doses generally to be taken 28 days apart.

Who shouldn’t take the vaccine?

This is public data and it would be recommended to refer the official sites of vaccine manufacturers as data gets updated periodically.
As per latest information, following is the guidance issued by the respective partners.
For Covishield, individuals with following symptoms should avoid the vaccine:

  • Severe allergic reaction after the first dose
  • Severe allergic reaction to any ingredients of the vaccine
  • Inform the healthcare provider if you:
    • Are pregnant, breastfeeding or are planning to get pregnant
    • Have fever
    • Are on a blood thinner
    • Are immuno-compromised or are on a medicine that affects your immune system
For Covaxin, individuals with following symptoms should avoid the vaccine:
  • Have a history of allergies
  • Have high fever
  • Have bleeding disorder or are on a blood thinner
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Immuno-compromised or are on a medicine that affects your immune system
  • Have received another Covid-19 vaccine
  • Any other serious health related issues, as determined by the vaccinator

Where can one report adverse events post vaccination?

This will be available on WONDRx Platform and also on specific GOI portal.

About the Drive

What is the minimum requirement of the total lives for the corporates to participate in the drive?

Any corporate, which has strength of 100+ lives, (including family members of the employees) is eligible.

Can contractual workers, part time and full-time interns of my corporate can participate in the drive or is it only for full time employees?


If a corporation has multiple locations across India, is it possible to conduct the drive at each location?

Vaccination drive can be conducted in each location provided that at each location has at least 100 individuals who need vaccination. Limit of 100 lives is there to ensure operational efficiency.

Will the vaccination drive be conducted pan-India?

Vaccination drive will be conducted pan-India in different Phases. Though in the 1st phase only metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata will be covered

Do corporates have to pay any advance amount for registration?

Corporates don’t have to pay any advance amount for pre-registration. Payment/Pricing details will be ascertained over time once the vaccine pricing is available in the private market. Any payment will be charged only after such clarity is available.

What are the total charges for vaccinating an individual?

The total charges would include cost of vaccine as decided for private market plus vaccine administration charges of approximately Rs.250 to Rs.350 per dose per individual.

Does pre-registration guarantee the conduction of the drive?

Pre-registration doesn’t guarantee that the drive will be conducted at your location. It just provides an expression of interest in participating in the drive. Guarantee of vaccination drive willbe provided when corporates sign the agreement with the vaccine manufacturer.

What is the timeline of the drive? Is there any preferential access?

The drive will be conducted as and when Central Government opens private distribution of vaccines for general public.

What is the process after pre-registration?

After pre-registration with HealthySure, details of interested corporates will be provided to WONDRx. From there on, WONDRx will reach out to corporates on the agreement signing and any other question they might have.

Do corporates have to sign the agreement/MOU with HealthySure or WONDRx?

No. Corporates will sign the agreement with only vaccine manufacturers (arranged by WONDRx)

What are the benefits of participating in this rather than going to a private hospital?

With WONDRx, vaccination will be done onsite and in a professional manner to ensure no inconvenience for any employee. Onsite comfort, convenience, flexibility, multiple healthcare offers and professional support is what we have an edge on.

About the Registration

Where do employees and their families have to register to select the time slots?

This will be done via WONDRx App. For Corporates, the date/time will be pre-allocated to all as per the discussions with Corporate management.

Will there be multiple time slots throughout the day or only one slot for multiple days?

Multiple time slots will be available throughout the day. One must ensure that the specific batch of employees report on the assigned date.

About the Vaccination Day

Who will be responsible for the transportation, cold storage of the vaccines?

WONDRx will be responsible for the transportation and cold storage of the vaccines.

If one misses their assigned slot, when can that person receive the dose?

It will be informed by WONDRx. Though there is no guarantee that vaccination will happen for those individuals who registered but missed their assigned slot. Presence on the agreed-upon day is critical, we can adjust the timeslot during the day.

Are there any guidelines to follow by individual/corporates post vaccination?

Specific orientation will be given to the employees opting for vaccination. Qualified Doctor will be doing the same along with a comprehensive FAQ session.

Who will administer the vaccine? Doctor or nurse?

Doctor will administer the vaccine.

How many doctors and support staff will be present during the vaccination day?

There will be 1 doctor + 1 support staff for every 100 Individuals.